Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I don't want to be grouchy

Every night I take a deep breath and decide that tomorrow I'm going to be fun. I'm going to be more patient and more interested in what my kids want to talk about.

Last night I didn't get any sleep cause I was coughing all night. Ugh.

I finally got some restful and relaxing sleep starting around 6 am. Honey had to leave for work, so he woke me up to say goodbye. I can't really complain about that tho, cause if he'd left without saying goodbye, it might have hurt my feelings a little. The phone rings. It's WellsFargo. I don't answer. Then, because the door was left unlocked, the 3 year old comes and gets into bed with me and starts asking me questions, and trying to find the best place to lay down. I should relish these moments right? Except I just wanted a little more sleep.

Next, I could hear the 7 year old and the 9 year old running around, yelling, arguing, thumping, pounding, building sky scrapers...I don't know WHAT they were doing, but it was anything but conducive to another hour of sleep. So - I have to get up. Puppy needs to pee and if I don't carry her from the bed to the door, she'll stop somewhere in between and pee in my house. The phone is ringing again and it's WellsFargo. Again. I still don't answer. Surgical patient doggy needs to be let out of her crate and carefully carried downstairs to the door, out into the fresh snow, down the steps and allowed to potty without any running or extra activity. So before I even have a chance to go potty myself or even really open my eyes, I'm standing out in the snow, getting wet and cold.

I'm still trying to be patient. Okay?

Back in the house. Surgical doggy goes in her confined place (to protect her from herself) and she starts barking. The kids are all telling me at the same time what they all want for breakfast and they all want something different. Sugar toast. Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast sandwich. Eggo waffles. (So much nutrition, right?) The 9 year old gets his own sandwich from the freezer, but I know he's left an empty box behind and I have to tell him 3 different ways to get him to go back into the garage to the freezer to throw it out. The 7 year old is flying around the family room and kitchen like he's on speed. The 3 year old is picking on the dog. The phone rings for the 3rd time. It's WellsFargo again. This time - I answer. And boy, do I answer.

Because they're WellsFargo, they won't tell me anything. They have to talk to Honey. Cause he's like, the man. You know? Wives don't count as equal partners. They've been calling our house for several days. I ask if there's a serious problem. She says it's an 'important banking matter.' I tell her I'll be happy to have him call if it's a big deal, but if they're calling to sell something they better stop calling my house. She says they aren't selling anything. I say ok and hang up. I hatehatehate WellsFargo. Long story.

So where do you think all that self-talk about patience has gone now? Are you kidding me? They kids are all now sitting at the island in the kitchen eating their three different breakfasts and they start in about playing in the snow, wanting peanut butter, having friends over, blah blaaaah BLAHHHH!

I'm breathing you guyz. I'm taking it slow. I calmly told them they could have friends over tomorrow IF they help clean the house today. I managed to finally use the potty and get my orange juice. I'm sitting here typing this out so I can breath for a few minutes. Now I'm going to the store by myself to get some stuff for the chicken for dinner tonight. Don't worry. I'll come back home. This time.


I do not appreciate fall break.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Underneath it all

That's right. A lovely princess bathing suit. The fashion sense of a 3 year old is astounding.

Uh oh! What's that?

And finally

One can't help but notice the remnants of chocolate frosting around Sassy's little face, and her fancy mom-didn't-do-my-hair do.

Don't leave home without it.

She is also carrying her all-important egg shaped magna doodle that she got from the Easter Bunny several months ago. Note the lovely bracelet she asked me to put on her this morning. (ummmm, yeeeah. I made that.)

And then...

Above those fuchsia pants, purple socks and backwards shoes, we find a blue DownEast shirt, layered with her white cardigan. She's accessorized her outfit with her silver and purple barbie purse and the chunky pink barbie necklace that once held little barbie candies.

From the bottom

Sorry that it's a little blurry.

From the bottom we see her new church shoes. Inside out of course, with purple socks and her fuchsia stretch pants.

Do I Look Handsome? Or Great?

From down the hallway I hear that coming from my 3 yo Sassy, directed at her brother. "Link! Come see my outfit! Do I look handsome? Or Great?"

More detailed photos on their way.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

'Super Fun' School Halloween Parties

Oh wait....Fall Festival party. Right?

Just got a call from the party planner for George's 2nd grade class. She obviously doesn't know how much I love to bake and create fancy treats - cause she said she's got the food all covered and I'm bringing paper plates and napkins. Hmmmph. Ok, so what is the food you ask?

Are you ready for this awesomeness?

Mini bagels....and cream cheese!!!

Soooo, it's a Halloween party. There's costumes. And they get mini bagels and cream cheese? ::said very slowly for effect:: So boring. The first problem is that the school insists on having the party at 8:30 in the morning. For several reasons. Costumes all day would be disruptive. It would also expose those children (whose parents think Halloween is evil) to the halloween stuff. And by having it first thing in the morning, those parents can keep their children home until 9:30, thereby saving them from the evilness of the Halloween party.

I probably sound like such a brat, but I just hate this stuff. The few are SO loud about their annoyances that the many have to bend and accomodate. Stay tuned when the Christmas, I mean Holiday stuff pops up.

Would it be totally rude if I showed up with fancy cupcakes anyway? The kids wouldn't even want a stupid mini bagel with cream cheese. Maybe I'll show up with them at 3:20 - 10 minutes before the end of the day and have them individually wrapped so the kids can take them home. That wouldn't be rude, would it?