Tuesday, October 6, 2009

'Super Fun' School Halloween Parties

Oh wait....Fall Festival party. Right?

Just got a call from the party planner for George's 2nd grade class. She obviously doesn't know how much I love to bake and create fancy treats - cause she said she's got the food all covered and I'm bringing paper plates and napkins. Hmmmph. Ok, so what is the food you ask?

Are you ready for this awesomeness?

Mini bagels....and cream cheese!!!

Soooo, it's a Halloween party. There's costumes. And they get mini bagels and cream cheese? ::said very slowly for effect:: So boring. The first problem is that the school insists on having the party at 8:30 in the morning. For several reasons. Costumes all day would be disruptive. It would also expose those children (whose parents think Halloween is evil) to the halloween stuff. And by having it first thing in the morning, those parents can keep their children home until 9:30, thereby saving them from the evilness of the Halloween party.

I probably sound like such a brat, but I just hate this stuff. The few are SO loud about their annoyances that the many have to bend and accomodate. Stay tuned when the Christmas, I mean Holiday stuff pops up.

Would it be totally rude if I showed up with fancy cupcakes anyway? The kids wouldn't even want a stupid mini bagel with cream cheese. Maybe I'll show up with them at 3:20 - 10 minutes before the end of the day and have them individually wrapped so the kids can take them home. That wouldn't be rude, would it?


Landee said...

What does rudeness have to do with it? It's THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

These kids can't eat ::gasp:: bagels and cream cheese for Halloween!!! That is just wrong. Take the matter into your own hands and make it right.

Ginnie Coleman said...

Funny. We have our parties in the afternoon during the last hour of school. Kids bring their costumes to change into, then they do a little "costume parade" and then return to their rooms for games, treats, etc. The only real rule is that the costume can't be worn to school and that it can't be a "scary" mask. Maybe you should get a petition going around to change it to afternoon...however, I would still take cute cupcakes for them to have at the end of the day if we had to have it in the morning. How lame is that? At least you can still bring in homemade treats...we have peanut policies that prohibit us from doing that. Go for the gusto and let them eat cake!!!

Jenny ESP said...

Ew. Cream cheese makes me gag.

My kids's school has a no sugar policy. So parties consist of raisins and carrots and other fruit&veg that don't offend kids too much.

Memzy said...


The McLaughlin's said...

I think you should definitely show up with some sugary concoction. Forget the bagels & cream cheese, how lame is that for 2nd grade?!