Monday, February 28, 2011

This's and Thats's

I am better. I mean, like someone flipped a switch over night better. The first day I thought I was better only lasted a couple of hours. Getting up, showering and driving to Sassy's ballet class was all I could handle. After that, I felt like my body was going to collapse. So I spent some more time laying on the couch and took it very easy for the rest of that day and went to bed early. Again. The next day when I woke up the difference was amazing. I feel cheerful. I can taste food. I can actually run up the stairs and zip around the house the way I like to zip around the house. Thankfully I did get better. I did help myself to, I think, three different trips to the smoothie place for a protein shake with added immunity and a shot of wheat grass. I think it helped.

I currently have 3 stars in every available level of Angry Birds. And it took me FOR EVVVVVER! And now I'm annoyed that I'm at the mercy of the Angry Birds people, waiting impatiently for an update so I can keep going. COME ON!!!!

I haven't baked a thing in too long. Having sick children and being sick and now being completely behind in every possible way because of the sick people has made me less motivated to start something new. However, I get to do a baby shower cake this week. I'll post you some photos.

My dearest friend Miss Landee of Landerson Estate has finally awakened to the wonderful world of Jane Austen - or more specifically, Pride and Prejudice. All is right with the world. Not only did she try it, she loved it. And I'm loving every minute of it. We very giddyingly watched the BBC version with the handsome Colin Firth (as the handsome Mr. Darcy) all afternoon. A glorious way to employ our time, I dare say. I then watched the Kiera Knightley version. Again. I've seen it a countless number of times. There are things I like and things I dislike about each version, but the tension and the joy and the wittiness never fails. Never ever ever. Today I started listening to the audio book. I'm so tired of hating to get my things done around the house, so I'm employing the assistance of my ipod to keep me from dying of boredom. Or to save me from a complete lack of self-discipline. Perhaps this increase of exposure to Pride and Prejudice will assist me in becoming a more accomplished young lady. Yes. Young. Okay?

I'm very annoyed that my kids aren't done with the school year until June 4 and that the following year begins on August 1. What the heck is going on around here? And that leaves me annoyed that we have an entire two weeks off for spring break. Can't we just have a 4 day weekend or something and get a longer summer? Dumb. But after a weekend of crazy children who couldn't stop flopping around, giggling, running, arguing, misbehaving and the like - I dread spring and summer break.

I have decided to try WEN for hair. I have a freaky, unnatural attachment to my hair, and it's been looking a little sad lately. Dry, dull and split on the ends. I like my hair to be shiny and touchable and - I told you it was freaky and unnatural. Anyway, I am reserving my verdict for now. I've only used it for three days. Not only do I have to figure out if it's worth the effort, but I still have to determine how much it's going to cost in the long run. You know. I will say that immediately it is softer. It's so much easier to comb out when I get out of the shower. It takes longer to dry. It's fuller, my color looks better and I can't see as many splitty ends. Just sayin'. However, I know that sometimes things work really good for a week or two and can then suddenly become not so great. So we'll see. I have also decided to try Bare Minerals makeup. My mom and a couple of my sisters have been using it for a long time. My dear friend, Miss Landee of Landerson Estate, uses it. Her skin always looks luminous and healthy and shimmers just the right way in the sunlight. So after months of mulling it over, I pulled the trigger. Just got it this afternoon. I will obviously have to reserve my judgment on that as well until I've used it for a while.

Anyway, so that's the deal. Not too exciting. Not too lame either. See you around.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Will I Ever Get Better?

About a week after New Year's, I was running around the house, picking things up and thinking about 500 million different things like always. I noticed that when I bent over, there was a pain in my chest. Weird. I paid attention to it sort of, marked it in my brain and moved on. A couple of days later, I had this cough starting. A 'reactive' cough as they call it. Then a low fever. I'm very commonly sick in my sinuses, so to be sick in my chest was really weird. I don't have anything in my house for chest congestion. I took myself to the dr (which ended up being the PA) and found out that I had bronchitis. She gave me an inhaler and some cough syrup. I hate that prescription cough syrup. It never helps. It never does anything. It's like the doctor knows there really isn't anything they can do, but it's the standard 'go to' prescription. She told me it could take a month to get over it. A month later, the cough was almost gone. I was still running a low temp (alllll that time). A couple of my kids had a one night bout with the throwups. Sassy transitioned immediately into a fever/cough/sinus infection. A few days later, Link got the fever/cough/sinus infection. And then I started to get sick. My bronchitis took on a whole new life, like someone had given in vitamins or something. But this time, I was all congested in my head too. After a few more days, George came home from school with a fever and 5 days later he was on antibiotics for, yes, the third sinus infection. Geez. Me however? I'm tired. My body hurts. My head feels like it's going to freaking explode. I'm so congested. My sinuses are throbbing and my chest hurts so bad when I cough. Which comes in waves that I can't stop. And even though I can only cough so hard physically, my body wants me to cough harder than it's capable of and then I sound like I'm dying or something. Gross.

So back to the PA who says, literally, "Well, I think what you have going on in your sinuses is viral. But let's put you on an antibiotic in case you have something else going on that we can't identify." You have GOT to be kidding me. I think she was offended when she asked me if I had been using the cough syrup and I said no. I told her the night-time theraflu was doing just fine and I hadn't felt like I needed it. I hear tales of these doctors who test for influenza. They must be out there somewhere. Mine doesn't. I've never even heard anyone suggest that it can be done other than my friends or family who've experienced it. So I have decided that's what I have and the PA is an idiot. Since I've been under-the-weather since the beginning of January, I decided it was time to throw in the towel. I canceled everything for the week. I made arrangements for children and I've spent the last three/four days in my pajamas doing almost nothing. I feel the tiniest shred of a hair better this morning. I could actually taste my breakfast. I ate out of habit more than anything though. I still don't feel hungry or desire to really eat. Not so bad, right? Today is the first day that I will be home alone. George finally went back to school today. Landee will be here in a minute to pick up Sassy for gymnastics. I will need to take her to dinner or something after all this blows over.

Worst of all, I'm supposed to be making this big, gorgeous cake for my friend's 40th birthday this weekend. Do I cancel on her? Or do I muscle through it? What would you do?