Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pigflu Mania

I typed this whole thing about the stinking pigflu, and then my computer froze up and I had to force quit firefox. Now it's all gone.

I'm bugged.

So - I'm just going to attach the pictures and that's going to have to be good enough.

Ok Fine.

Since Martha automatically thinks that I posted this because we have the pigflu, I have to immediately edit my post to reassure you all that we most definitely DO NOT have the pigflu.

The reason I was writing this post in the first place was because of a trip to the dr.s office yesterday for a checkup. I'll try to give you a recap almost as good as the one I typed before.

We walked into the room and before we were even completely through the door, I could see a woman sitting in her chair with her arms wrapped around her mouth and nose as if she was trying to fend off a cloud of tear gas. She was sitting there, scowling around the room, giving everyone the stink eye. We got in the room and I got in line at the counter to check in. There was a man holding a little toddler who was crying because he wanted to get down. The man told him "I can't put you down because I don't want you to get everyone sick." Then, a woman in line in front of me said really loudly to the girl behind the desk; "My daughter and I both have H1N1 and we were already here this morning...." That's when I started realizing that everyone in the room was FREAKING out over this pigflu crap. There were people with masks on. People holding their kids tightly on their laps, afraid to let them touch anything. The stink eye lady walked across to a man (I guess they were there together) and she told him to make sure he wasn't sitting close to anyone so he wouldn't get sick. A little boy toddled near me and bumped my foot. His mother came rushing over, snatched him up, and whisked him across the room so fast you could almost see the windy empty spot where he'd once been. Did I look sick? My kids weren't coughing. I wasn't coughing. I think I was the only person in the room that wasn't bathing myself in han-tizer (Sassy's word). Maybe that made everyone think that I'm the insensitive spreader of the disease.

Look - my honey had it already. And I was fully prepared for my turn. I filled the kitchen with theraflu, cough drops, mucinex, cough syrup, children's motrin, herbal tea, kleenex and easy-to-fix meals. I battened down the hatches and waiting patiently for it to get me and the kids. Honey was home from work for 4 full days. He had the fever, chills, sweats, coughing, shivering. It was nasty business. I'm not minimizing that the pigflu will make you sick and be a miserable experience. But I slept next to the man the entire time he was sick and I didn't get it. My kids never got it either. Perhaps it's given me a false sense of immunity. We certainly aren't getting the shot. Why should we? We faced it and survived.

I'm just fully annoyed at how people are behaving. It isn't the plague, fhs. Or small pox, or malaria, or anthrax.

For the few readers I have, please don't send me hate mail or lecture me on the dangerous complications that come from the pigflu. I know people have died. I have sympathy for them and their families. People die from stuff every day. But the 'man' has everyone rushing around like crazy people. It's annoying. Yes. I said it's annoying. And I mean it.


The McLaughlin's said...

Do these "pigtures" mean you have the pig flu?
You know, piglet is my favorite and to see him bound like that is actually disturbing.
Oh, and you never called me back.

StandsMom said...

Marth - as you can see from my updated post, we do not have it. Sorry that the picture of Piglet tied up is painful. Sorry that I didn't call you back. I got home from the dr. right in the middle of what would normally be dinner time and had to come up with something quick and lame because I'd been hoping we were going out to eat and didn't plan ahead. Then, Brian and I got involved in a long discussion about Colin's lovely week at school (new blog post coming soon) and then I shut myself in my room and completely forgot that we'd spoken on the phone before. Shall we talk sometime today??

danandcami said...

Glad you don't have it, but shocking how many people have had it!!