Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just a Moment, If You Please....

I just want to take a moment to boast on my children's behalf. We had Parent Teacher Conferences last night.

Of all of the things that make me shake my head over feels great to have something I can jump for joy over and that is why I am bragging to you about it.

  • Students are expected to be reading independently at a level 24 (L) by mid-February. Your child is reading a level 34.
  • Students are expected to read approximately 85 words per minute. Your child is reading 143 WPM.
His teacher said when she tested him for the level 34 he blew it away. She's expecting at least a level 38 by the end of the year. And, in Math he is taking 3rd grade math facts time tests. Not enough to be considered a genius. But holy cow!

We have been on the other end of the spectrum. At this time last year, Link was struggling a lot in school. He had mostly minuses and a lot of comments regarding his behavior and attention in school. His report card was a lot of 2's (below grade level) and he hated school.

Cut to this year, with a brand new (and fantastic) teacher....his grades have gone WAY up! He had mostly plus-es and he is performing at grade level in nearly every category. He sat us down with a binder to explain to us how he is doing and what he has been working on. He had examples from the beginning of the year and examples from now to compare with. I was amazed at how clearly and confidently he described it all to us. He knew exactly where to go in his binder, could point out specific problems and areas where he'd either made mistakes or made drastic improvements. He seemed like such a big kid to me.

I used to dread Parent Teacher Conferences when I was the kid. I would go with my parents reluctantly and tune out the entire thing because I couldn't bear to hear them talk about how badly I was doing in school. I can easily remember walking into the school and into the classroom, but I have entirely blocked out all of those meetings. In fact, I don't even recall leaving the school to go home. Yikes. Heaven knows I would be sympathetic to my dear boys if they were struggling. Like last year. But heaven also knows how awesome it is to know they are doing just fine.

I'm already crossing my fingers, hoping that we get decent teachers next year. PLEASE!!!!!!

In other bragging news....I have lost 17.5 lbs and Honey and I are going on a cruise in April. After my 2009, this is more than overdue good news.


Sox said...

Sometimes the teacher makes ALL the difference. Tell, them both congrats.

Jenny ESP said...

What a relief! Teachers can make a big difference. Congrats!

The McLaughlin's said...

Congrats all around! On a side note, Mom told me about your new diet. We should talk.