Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh yeah....the Blog!!

I have a blog!?!? Uh...hi! Been a while, huh? So sorry.

Why is re-entry always so hard? I just spent 3 nights away. By myself. All alone. And 10 minutes after I got home, Honey left for his FFL draft and I was left with the chaos. And why is it chaos? Does it have to be? I'm bringing my stuff in and unpacking and letting the kids run around outside. I'm taking a shower and telling the boys to start getting ready for bed when one of them mentions their homework. WHA???? You haven't done your homework??? I got home at 6:30. Nobody told me they didn't do their homework and I'm letting them screw around. You must understand that after a certain period of time, my boys' brains cease functioning in the evening and I won't be able to get any decent homework out of them.

Honey was awesome while I was gone and shampooed some of the carpets. They look fantastic! On the flipside, the loft looks like Sassy threw a slumber party for all of her dolls and every blanket she could find. And can I just say - after my politically correct disclaimer that yes. Board games are an awesome way to spend time with your kids. To teach them things and stuff. Right? Yes. I agree. But despite all of that garbage - I. hate. board. games. Hate them! My kids are constantly getting them out of the closet, scattering the pieces, breaking the boxes, losing parts and never putting them away. Sassy's room is not only littered with the usual nonsense, but it also has the Operation game scattered from one end to the other. I hate board games. If it weren't for the fact that they are supposed to be so awesome, I'd get rid of all of them. Heave ho and goodbye. They're like....making real, from scratch, cookies with your kids. How often does that happen??

I don't mean to sound so snooty. I did spend almost the entire weekend alone. I adore being alone. I went to bed when I felt like it, which ranged anywhere from 9:30 to 2:30. I slept until my body decided to wake up. I took a nap in the afternoon. I ate when my body decided it was hungry. Breakfast was at 11. Dinner at 9:00. I took a ton of snacks with me and hardly ate any of them. I know - weird, right? I had some sewing to do, which I loved. I left it in the same place the entire weekend and nobody moved it or messed around with it or silently implied that it might be in the way. I watched 8 freaking movies. Yes. 8. What's that? Oh, sure. Here they are:

Pride and Prejudice
Date Night
Remember Me
Under the Tuscan Sun
Julie and Julia
Sense and Sensibility
You've Got Mail
The Holiday

By far, my favorite of the weekend was Julie and Julia. LOVED it! Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Under the Tuscan Sun and You've Got Mail are the ones I watch everytime I'm at the cabin alone. I adore those movies. The one I need to buy and donate to the cabin is French Kiss. I really like that one too. All I'm going to say about Remember Me is WHY????? Why was that movie made? Landee will occasionally point out that there are some stories or things that have NO point. What is the purpose of that movie? It ticked me off. After the end, I couldn't figure out why I'd spend and hour and a half leading up to it to be lead off the edge of a cliff. What the heck just happened??

It was rather quiet at the cabin, I must say. It helps that there isn't any phone, no cell service, no internet and no cable. The animals were scarce. Until the last day, of course. Then there were squirrels and chipmunks everywhere, birds and a deer and a big huge young male moose. He not only spent a long time grazing and licking the salt block, but squatted and pee'd the longest pee I've ever seen in my life. This may have had an impact on me because it was at 9:00 this morning and he was right next to the bathroom and I had to wait until he left so I could use the bathroom. And he stood there and pee'd. Do you think I want some big 'ol moose charging me? No sir. I just patiently waited until he was finally gone.

You'd be proud of me. This time I actually walked to the bathroom (which is an outhouse about 30 ft from the cabin) by myself after dark. Even at 1:00 in the morning. I may or may not have spent a great deal of time on the porch scanning the woods with my flashlight before I finally felt reassured, sort of, that I'd make it there and back safely. And I promise it wasn't like the SpongeBob when he has to take the trash out at night and runs with it over his head screaming the entire way. It wasn't like that. Outwardly. I even went out there after dark twice. Two whole times.

I got to see two of my sisters and my parents. Brief but nice. I think I'll be doing this alone weekend again next summer. Next time I'll take some pictures. I didn't take a single one. Nothing. "Just noooo more 3 by 5's......" Do you know that song?? I'll give you a brownie button if you can tell me who sings it.


Memzy said...

Wait. You went to a cabin....ALONE? Eeeek!

Landee said...

It's almost not worth going due to the "re-entry" factor. Like, if you don't know what you're missing, you don't miss it kind of a thing.

Glad you had fun though. Btw, does "sewing" mean cross-stitching?

Jenny ESP said...

That the heck? You have a cabin? A rustic one? With no plumbing? And you go there? By YOURSELF? Where is it? You are brave and lucky and I want to be you for one weekend a summer. Lucky.

The McLaughlin's said...

Seems you need to have a book club weekend at the cabin, so they can experience the "wild"-life and rustic charm. Oh and the out-house too!
It also seems you got to watch many of my favorite movies, which I no longer have time for. Jealous!
So glad you had a nice break and everything!