Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Big-Bucket List

I think there's a bucket list, and then there's a bucket list. The first being things, that one way or another, can be accomplished. Mine would include all kinds of travel. There are so many things I want to see. Nothing crazy. I really don't want to jump out of a plane or anything like that.

I've never really considered writing that list. But I decided (for some odd reason) to make a big-bucket list. The big things. Some that with the right means could be done and those that are merely wishes. The kind of stuff that probably won't ever happen. It's a little silly.

So, as I snuggle with my Sassy tonight, I'm gonna post it on my blog.

1. Play with baby tigers
2. Own a tiny monkey
3. See the pyramids, and walk through an ancient underground Egyptian tomb.
4. Live in Paris, go to culinary school, and become a fabulous pastry chef
5. Spend the night on a beach, sleeping on the sand. One that's really warm, and really soft.
6. Experience what it would be like to be blind. (a little weird, but so fascinating)
7. Walk on the moon
8. See the trees covered with Monarch butterflies in Mexico
9. Dance ballet on toe
10. Hold a bald eagle on my arm
11. See the aurora borealis
12. Go under water in a shark cage to watch great whites
13. See baby turtles hatch
14. See an active volcano and flowing lava
15. Give 1m to each member of my family
16. Spend a week on a deserted island alone with my husband
17. Have lunch with the prophet
18. Be on the Price is Right
19. Have my 20 yr old body back
20. Own a bakery / flower shop. What makes people smile more than sweets and fresh flowers?

What are some of your big-bucket list items?


Markie23 said...

That's a great list! I Love #2, I would pass on #6, You couldn't force me to do #9. I went to Alaska, but sadly no #10 or 11. And if #15 ever becomes a reality don't forget Uncle Markie.

Princess said...

I've always wanted to be on the price is right...