Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter Weekend in WY

I decided to take the kids up to WY this year for Easter. Brian couldn't go, so we left him behind. I don't think he minded too much. I think I even saw a little twinkle in his eye as we drove away. Huge smile, too. Who wouldn't want an entire weekend home alone?

So, the first night there, we stayed up until 2:30 am talking, stuffing Easter eggs and eating candy.

Brian called this an 'aerial' shot. Whatever. This is Sara and Martha.

Is that all?

Sorry Sara. I know you wouldn't want this picture up here. But, Martha - you are so cute, posing and stuff!!!

Here are the kids, lined up on Papa Bob's bed, watching Indiana Jones. Ethan, Link, Caleb, Sassy and George.

Sassy and Ethan on the trampoline.

Fun in the back yard, brought to you by Papa Bob. Plastic croquet mallets. Fun times.

Sassy was walking around the back yard in my shoes for the longest time. I loved it.

Our Easter brunch. The food was fantastic. Stay tuned, the recipes will be up on our Recipe Blog very soon.

Here are Kirstie and Amanda, my cute nieces. Sassy LOVES them!

And, the Easter Egg Hunt at the farm.

Sassy in her spiffy pink strawberry glasses that she got from one of my nieces.

The kids lined up and waiting for the 'GO!' George, Josh, Link, Caleb, Sassy and Ethan in front. Notice Andrew in the background. He wasn't interested in searching for eggs. Too big now, I guess.

I couldn't get any action shots of the boys. They were gone and I couldn't keep up with them. So here's Sassy. She just loved this!

Ethan - big grin!

George, holding up his shorts because they're too big. We adjusted them later.

Link with his loot.

Check out those freckles.

Papa Bob tricked George into looking at something that wasn't there and then took his basket. This is George's 'where did it go' face.

Caleb. So serious. He didn't smile for the camera much.

Andrew and Sara.



Papa Bob.

Grandma Jean.

Ethan separated himself from the group, found this cozy little place to sit, and dug into his candy.

Amanda, in Papa's shop.


Here's a not-so-great shot of us in the back of the pickup. We rode out to the lake in the back. It's been a long time since I sat on a tailgate. It was a lot of fun.

George with his Easter basket. This is after church, btw. I didn't even get a picture of us all dressed up. Gonna have to fake one.

Ethan and Caleb with theirs. See, he still isn't smiling. :)

Here's Ethan chomping down on a marshmallow bunny. I want to steal that thing from him. Man, I love those things!!!

Sassy and her girlie goodies.

Link, making some kind of face I don't really get. What is that? Goofy kid!

So Sunday afternoon, everyone cleared out and it was just me and the kids at Papa Bob and Grandma Jeans house. It was late afternoon, the kids were picking on each other, and I decided we were going to go wander the farm for a little while. I didn't even care that Sassy and George were wearing their pajamas. I'm glad we went out. It was fun and I think I got some good pictures.

With Hadley, the horse.

Link loves this stuff.

Tommy, the llama. He spits. I'm always afraid that I'm going to walk up to him and he'll decide he doesn't like me. I do NOT want a llama spitting on me.

But, Tommy loved the kids. They were brave. They don't know any better.

Uh...a blade of grass. No thank you.

George with Tommy and Rachel. At least, I think that's Rachel. There are several llamas and I get them confused.


Aren't they cute?

After our outing to the farm, the kids jumped on the trampoline for like 3 hours, and I'm not kidding. I think we need one of those things. I did the best I could cleaning up these pictures. I had some setting on the camera wrong, so they're really grainy and dark. Sorry.

Now this is a moment to remember. These two? Being SO nice to eachother?

Link requested a photo that looks like he's falling. Not bad.


Landee said...

Wow! I feel like I went on that trip with you now! Great pictures! What, no lamb wearing other lambs fur coats pics? Thank you....

Memzy said...

You should have given me a warning on using a wrist brace!! Those were some srs pics!! Loved it.

The McLaughlin's said...

Thanks for posting about Easter! I can't believe Caleb wouldn't smile for you, what a turd!