Saturday, August 29, 2009

Regarding Nellie

Some of you LOVE this topic.

Anyway - put Nellie up for adoption, just to see what would happen. The first interest was a really nice lady. Except she's in WA and I'd have to double the cost of the dog just to cover the cost of shipping her. One thing the lady pointed out was that I might want to wait until Nellie is spayed before I sell her, otherwise someone might buy her just for breeding. Oh great. Thanks for that perspective. That sounds just horrible, doesn't it? So this is the email I just got, from prospective buyer #2.

"Hello how are u doing. i like to know is if the puppy is still available for sale because i am interested, and i will like to know what the final price is. i like to read from u asap.


I'm pausing, so you can take it all in. Yes, it's word for word. Exact quote. Cut and paste.

I emailed back asking him to tell me more about himself. I haven't heard back from him. Perhaps he's in the middle of his songing practice. I hope he isn't just looking for mudders. Eees no goot.

In all seriousness, there's so little to his email. No personality. No emotion. I will not sell my princess-like Nellie to someone who might turn her into a goose-dog.


Landee said...

You make being a mudder out as being something horrible! She should be so lucky!

Ha ha, I kid. I kid.

You made me lollerz with this one. Songing practice indeed. Donald ees no goot. Niet.

Memzy said...

Wha? Wait. You're getting rid if the dog?! This us the first I heard of such a thing. Not that I disapprove. Dogs ees no goot.

Songing practice.

StandsMom said...

Ummmm, yeah. If we can find a decent replacement. Picture this: my family room gated and barricaded off (one gate almost my height because she can leap so high). Every hour - take the puppy out. Can't take my eyes off her for 5 seconds. She's constantly chewing on shoes, running off with barbies in her mouth, jumping up and biting the kids because she wants to play and I've gone through cans and cans of spotshot. Two years from now would have been so much more appropriate. Want her?

The McLaughlin's said...

After reading about all the doggy shenanigans, I think you should contact Donny and let him know she's all his.