Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Where's the Snow???

Are you gonna do like you did ALL last winter? Forecast inches and
inches of snow and leave us wondering where it is? What snow? 6-12? 4-9?

You're playing with the happiness of little snow princesses like
this . . .

I quote her, "Mama, where's the snow?"

And since when does the 'weather girl' get to have a big coffee-like drink topped with whipped cream right there on her desk on the air? Some of us are trying to break up with things like whipped cream.



Memzy said...

Tell her it's 100 here today. That may help.

Jenny said...

They're now saying it's supposed to be 1-3 inches late this afternoon.

Landee said...

Why do you want SNOW? I can see wanting some crisper weather and a reason to wear hoodies but SNOW? I can do without that for a while longer.

Jenny ESP said...

This perpetual "happy sunshine" and warmth in Vegas is killing me. You know how long it's been since I've worn my Forks hoodie?

StandsMom said...

Sorry Memz, but 100 sounds awful. Sweaty and awful. Jenny - I didn't hear that. I guess we'll wait and see, eh? Landee, all we did was talk about the weather people predicting snow and the kids get all excited. The only thing I love about snow is when it snows so much we can't leave the house. I secretly wish for those days all winter long. Jenny...maybe you better come for a visit? Um, yes. I think you should. We need a real, life, all-together book club meeting. Wouldn't that be awesome?