Friday, December 18, 2009

The Christmas Elves

A few years ago, we got some little Christmas Elves from my SIL for the kids. Two little boy elves (since then we've adopted a little girlie elf too). They came with a little container of magic ‘snow.' These days, it looks a lot like glitter. The elves are supposed to magically arrive at your house at some point during the month of December. The snow is sprinkled around them and then they hang out at your house until Christmas Eve. They are also supposed to ‘do’ things. Like the kids might wake up in the morning and discover that they elves got out all of the flour and stuff to make cookies. Or they might have made a mess of the toys, etc. And etc. They are supposed to be keeping an eye on the kids and then they give a report to Santa when he comes on Christmas Eve and he takes them back home to the North Pole.

Our naughty little elves are something my kids talk about for weeksWEEKS before Christmas. It is a double-edged sword. The kids LOVE it, but it’s a little annoying. I really do have to be in a certain kind of mood.

Last year, when Christmas Eve arrived, one of the elves was missing. We couldn’t find him anywhere and the other two went back to the North Pole without him. Of course, a couple of weeks later, he surfaced. He’s been hanging around our house ever since. When the topic came up a few weeks ago, the kids started speculating about when the elves would come, what would happen, and stuff. The other day, tucked under the front door, was this letter:

Somewhere in your house there hides our little Elfin friend
We’ve missed him this entire year – but soon we’ll see the end
To being far away from him and wishing we were whole
For then on Christmas Eve we’ll fly him to the great North Pole
Please tell our little Elfin friend that we are on our way
We’re planning and preparing and we’ll be there any day
On Christmas Eve, while you’re asleep, we’ll here the reindeer paws
And down the chimney we will meet old jolly Santa Clause
He’s going to ask us how you’ve been throughout the time we’re here
And we’ll have taken notes of all your actions while we’re near
“Are they naughty – are they nice?” Jolly Santa Claus will say
And if you’re nice he’ll leave you gifts to open Christmas Day

Also included with the card was that little extra ^^note. It says:

Dear William, Colin and Sarah,
Please leave him under the tree so we can find him.
See you soon!!!
The Christmas Elves

Soooo, Link booked it upstairs, retrieved the elf (which he now refers to as Elfin) and promptly placed him under the tree. He’s been there for a few days. Waiting and waiting.

And waiting.

Oooh! Lookie here! What will the kids find when they wake up tomorrow?


danandcami said...

What a fun tradition! I made some a few years ago, but my twins were too old to appreciate it. I wish we had done some of this fun stuff! Love ya and Merry Christmas!

Jenny said...

That is such a cute tradition!

Jenny ESP said...

Is that a rescue mission? Awesome!