Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear Retailers and Food Store Guys

I hate that the minute the 4th of July is done, the seasonal aisle is loaded with Halloween Candy. Halloween comes and is promptly replaced with Christmas stuff. We have to look at it and walk by it and think about it for two LONG months. Then when the middle of December hits and us moms are finally in the mood for Christmas, everything is just about gone. In fact, my favorite craft store already has it all on clearance, and has replaced all of those aisles with garden ornaments and wind chimes. WAIT!!! I haven't even made my Christmas FOOD yet and you're stocking the spring stuff??? SHEEEESH!!!

Food store people. I'm wondering if you all had a meeting that went something like this...

"I know! Since the people are making twice as much food, recipes that stress them out, they have family in town, presents to buy and wrap, limited time...all of that. Let's take all of the things they would need and scatter them all over the store in different places! Would that be fun? Then they have to search and search for things like vanilla, and canned pumpkin."

I curse you. Curse. You.

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Kat said...

At least you could get the craft stuff cheaper! :) Target had Valentine's stuff out.