Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Dear John Letter

Dear Food,

I hope you can forgive me for doing this in a letter. It's hard for me to say the things that I need to, and I know that I might falter if I try to have this one-sided discussion with you face to face. We've been together for so long. You mean so much to me. I know that I wouldn't ever be able to survive without you. But, I think you've been dishonest with me. You made me think that the more time we spent together, the happier I would be. For a while, it was true. So many happy moments, joyful times and sweet, sweet morsels. Great memories. I love to introduce you to my friends. And you're always so willing to let me dress you up or change you around. I can get you all fixed up and take you places. People LOVE you! And then they love me for sharing you.

But over the last few weeks, especially, I've been feeling like you're taking over. You're so busy looking good and being great, that I've completely stopped taking care of myself. I've allowed you to take control. Now, I'm tired all the time. I'm sluggish. My self-esteem has been damaged. I've had to change my clothes, even. And you completely took my good friend Gym away from me. I haven't seen Gym in so long. We used to get together 5 or 6 times a week!

This week I was particularly not feeling well and I tried to spend time with you - expecting that you would make me feel better. But instead, I realized that it only made me feel worse. You aren't as sweet and lovely as you used to be.

I hope that we can still be friends. Obviously, we can't end our relationship entirely. Civility may be our only route from here. I hope you can forgive me and I know you won't miss me as much as I'll miss you, but I know you can find someone else. You really can be so irresistible.

Best of luck,


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Regarding Nellie

Some of you LOVE this topic.

Anyway - put Nellie up for adoption, just to see what would happen. The first interest was a really nice lady. Except she's in WA and I'd have to double the cost of the dog just to cover the cost of shipping her. One thing the lady pointed out was that I might want to wait until Nellie is spayed before I sell her, otherwise someone might buy her just for breeding. Oh great. Thanks for that perspective. That sounds just horrible, doesn't it? So this is the email I just got, from prospective buyer #2.

"Hello how are u doing. i like to know is if the puppy is still available for sale because i am interested, and i will like to know what the final price is. i like to read from u asap.


I'm pausing, so you can take it all in. Yes, it's word for word. Exact quote. Cut and paste.

I emailed back asking him to tell me more about himself. I haven't heard back from him. Perhaps he's in the middle of his songing practice. I hope he isn't just looking for mudders. Eees no goot.

In all seriousness, there's so little to his email. No personality. No emotion. I will not sell my princess-like Nellie to someone who might turn her into a goose-dog.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dig In Project #2

Or maybe I should say, dig out? You see, we just painted and did some decorating in our bedroom. It's lovely and peaceful and relaxing. Except that underneath it all, lurks the monster of disorganization. My drawers are filled with clothing that no longer fits. Three drawers house the nicks and nacks that collect on the dresser and are then hastily swept in to create the illusion of neat and tidy. Three THREE drawers full of nicks and nacks that have no home - some of which I haven't seen in years. Around the corner and through the bathroom you'll find our closet. Also a pitiful display. Just pit-eee-ful! I suppose I could have taken a picture and posted it yesterday as yet another example of how loving and supportive my Honey is. I know this stuff drives him up the wall.

And so, my dear friends, whilst walking through the beloved Costco near my home, I spotted this lovely little shelf, organizer thingy. My mind began to spin about the closet and so I brought it home. This was 3 or 4 weeks ago I think. I've since been trying to remember what it was exactly that possessed me to tackle such a project.

You will not receive any before photos. I'm sorry. My kitchen was acceptably bad and I was not ashamed to show you what was happening behind closed cabinet doors. My bedroom and my closet are shammmmmmmmeful.
Let's just say, I couldn't get to the back of the closet for the mounds of stuff on the floor. I will, however, post something in the intermediate stages and then the finished product.

The first couple of hours were spent emptying and dismantling the mess. Now? I must face it and sort it. 'Search and Destroy' may have to be my motto. Bags of clothing and shoes may be waking up in the thrifty store.

I suppose my lunch break is about over. Otherwise I might find a comfy spot on the davenport and not move until the boys return home from school.


Did you really use the word Davenport? What the...? That's what my grandparents called their couch. In the dictionary a davenport is 'a large sofa, often convertible into a bed.' I suppose it goes along with 'pocketbook' (a purse or handbag) and 'parambulator' (a wheeled device in which one places a baby and pushes while walking).

Remember the Spongebob episode when he's supposed to write a 500 word essay about what not to do at a stop light? He spends all night feeding Gary, cleaning his kitchen, calling Patrick and then blaming Patrick for interupting him, talking to the delivery guy at the door, etc., and then he falls asleep at his desk? Yeeeaaah. That would be me...right now. Right. Now. Still typing.... Ok, fine! I'll go work on that dumb closet.

Sheesh! You don't have to be so bossy!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Why I Love My Honey

It's our 12th anniversary. This year, we went out to dinner and a movie over the weekend, and Honey bought me some gorgeous flowers. I thought I would show you just a few reasons why I love my Honey so much (in no particular order...)

He's a Great Father

Trying to get naked pictures of the newborn George, and when he got cold and started crying, Brian leaned over him to warm him up.

Here's George, crying again, and Honey's face is precious. Self-explanatory, don't you think? One of my favorites.

Another self-explanatory photo, and yet again, it's George. Look at how much that little baby loves his daddy.

He Works Hard

We finished our backyard together, but most definitely he did most of the work.

Works hard, even when it's putting things like this together at midnight on Christmas Eve.

He Supports Me in the Things That Mean So Much

My first day through the Temple.

Link's Baptism.

I love you, Honey. So very, very much. Happy 12th!!