Friday, January 22, 2010

Gag me with a Pull Up

My 8 yr old wears pull ups. All day. All night.

There. I said it.

You can imagine it's a HUGE deal in our house to get those things thrown out in the garage garbage. There is no patience for pull ups left under the bed, laying around in the bedroom, or elsewhere.

My kids are occasionally enlisted to Sorting-the-laundry duty. My 10 yr old can start a load, run it, switch it to the dryer, etc. It's glorious.

Until today.

While switching the laundry, he called me to come and look at something in the washer. I didn't want to look. But I did. There, lining the door of the inside of my lovely semi-new washing machine was those blasted little teensy pellets of silicone that fill the inside of all disposable diapers and pull ups. You know the stuff. Don't tell me you've never experienced the busted open diaper that was too full.

I calmly informed the boys that they were going to clean it out. "George, this is your fault for not throwing away your pull up in the first place and leaving it tangled up in your jeans." "Link, this is also your fault for not paying attention when you put the clothes in the washer."

(Do my children not have a sense of smell???)

They are currently wiping out the inside of the washer and I hear things like, "This stuff is a polymer!"

It is G. ross. D. sgusting. Nassssty.

I should be embarrassed. I am. But this is blog world. So I can type it, post it, and hide from it all at the same time. Plus, I'm still refusing to enter the laundry room. I don't want to see it or be near it or watch my kids clean it up. I will lose it and freak out. This is my way of keeping myself sane enough to function until it's over.

The end.


Sox said...

I was wondering why you had boy pull-ups in stock when Tiger wet his pants at your house a couple of years ago. Now I know.

Jenny ESP said...

I love the faint smell of baby pee in the morning. Wakes me up. It's been years tho.

The McLaughlin's said...

Do you feel liberated? You should! Oh and btw, I can't believe Will can do laundry! Awesome! ::singing the primary missionary song with a smile::

StandsMom said...

Sox, yes. Then. And still now. Jenny, baby pee is one thing. But 8 year old boy pee is sheer torture. Marth, liberated how? Being able to tell Will to throw in a load of laundry is extremely liberating! He doesn't know anything about how to 'care' for clothes, but he can toss in a load of stuff, add the soap, push the buttons and press start. Perrrrrfect.