Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When Things Disappear...Where Do They Go?

We have a zipper case full of DVDs that went on our trip with us to WY for Thanksgiving. We also have a plastic zipper bag thingy full of about 8 Polly Pockets and all of their fashionable silicone outfits. Both missing. For weeks now.

We've searched high and low. They are nowhere to be found.

Do you think there is a heap of Lost Things somewhere in the universe? Probably right next to the Missing Socks Mound. Anyone know how to get there?


Jenny ESP said...

I'm afraid to even say this out loud, but... I think lost my beloved iPod. I haven't see her in months, but I'm still in denial about it.

StandsMom said...

If you find it, look around for the polly pockets and the dvds okay?