Friday, March 12, 2010

Cottonelle Use #3

When your Polly Pocket is grubby,

When your Snow White is tired,

And your Lemon Meringue is sleepy,

And because Strawberry Shortcake can't do anything without Lemon Meringue.

Ariel isn't used to being on legs for so long,

and Cinderella needs a nap.

And this poor Polly is stuck doing what everyone else has to do.

Cottonelle Wipes. Not just for bums. Not just for for the bathroom.


Jenny ESP said...

Those blankets are a bit wet for my taste, but those ladies don't seem to mind.

Markie23 said...

Cottonelle Wipes - good for covering up the bodies after a terrorist attack in princess town. Check.

Landee said...

So, how long did she occupy herself doing that? I hope you at least got your $3.99 worth of free time out of it.

The McLaughlin's said...


StandsMom said...

A damp nap. Yich!

A terrorist attack? Could'a been. Perhaps the poor dears starved to death because they live too far away from a grocery store. Their little Polly car just couldn't make it that far.

I think the entire set-up took about 35 minutes? Not a whole pack of wipes. Definitely worth it.