Monday, April 5, 2010

Had a 'Moment' with Sassy (She's 4)

The Setting: Sassy's just gotten out of the tub, I'm drying her off and combing out her hair.

The Conversation:

Sassy: "You know what I want to be for our family?"
Me: "What?"
Sassy: "A sister!"
Me: "You are a sister already."
Sassy: "No! A BIG sister. Like Sophie has? Like Sophie has a big sister."
Me: (grinning and shaking my head. [in the other room, Honey says "Uh oh!"]) "Did you hear that?"
Honey: "Yes" (voice is low and apprehensive)
Sassy: "So I'm gonna grow that. Okay?"
Me: "And how are you going to do that?"
Sassy: "I'm going to sleep everyday. I'm gonna eat food everyday and sleep and that will make her appear."
Me: (grabbing a pencil) " are you going to do that?"
Sassy: "I'm going to sleep everyday and eat food everyday and let my tummy get big and that will grow a sister." pause "Cause I want one." pause "In the future."
Me: (laughing a little and writing furiously so I can recap on my blog for you.) "So. Let me tell you something about that."
Sassy: "What?"
Me: "You can't grow a baby in your tummy until your big like mommy and you have a husband."
Sassy: "When I'm big like you? But you'll have to live in a different family."
Me: "Yes. I'll live in a different house. But you can't have a baby in your tummy unless you have a husband who can be the daddy."
Sassy: (shrugs, hands down at her sides and turned outwards, head tilted sideways and with a little eye roll...)

"If I find a husband."

Isn't this the cutiest cute thing you've ever heard in your whole life??


Memzy said...

Oh boy. But she's got a point. Husbands are hard to find these days no?

Flem said...

She is hilarious! Good point indeed.

Markie23 said...

Way cute! I don't think she'll have any problem finding a husband.

StandsMom said...

I love how you all just skip over the part about her wanting a baby sister. Honey will be thrilled to know that y'all aren't going to start telling me that I'd better get working on that.

And heaven help me if my sweet Sassy can't find a husband. Remember Flem's post about all of the boys? I think by then there may be a shortage of great women in the world.

Ashley said...

The pressure is on to have a baby :) That is too cute!

Landee said...

What the? Where'd this post come from? Anyway, unfortunately Sassy wants a BIG sister. That means you're gonna have to adopt. Get started on that paperwork and you can quit hoping your IUD fails.

StandsMom said...

Landee........ She says she wants be BE a big sister. Not have one.

Jenny ESP said...

You're both wrong. She says she wants to give BIRTH to a sister.

The McLaughlin's said...

Oh goodness! I think three is a good number. Do you really want to go through all the pregnancy, labor, breast-feeding, toddler stage again? I mean really?!
And I have to agree with Memzy, GOOD husbands are hard to find these days. Maybe by the time Sassy is old enough there will be a generation of newfabulouspotential husbands. One can only hope!

APS said...


This conversation was not coerced. I didn't prep her, encourage her, bring up the topic on my own, or say anything to her in advance or at any time to add these thoughts to her head. She came up with all of this, all on her own.


Princess Kimi said...

Hold up... so.. is it you can't have a kid until you are a grown up with a husband can't have a big sister until your Mom is grown up with a husband? Or you can't BE a big sister until you give birth to a grown up husband to someone's person. that's grown up. With a husband. Let me know. I have some odd news to break to all three of my kids about whether or not they are even related. Or if I can keep them. The sooner the better on getting back to me btw. Before I get any more attached to them..or them to each other.

Princess Kimi said...

oh and p.s. is Landee still their aunt if the grown up and or husband part is missing? no reason.

Ronna said...

LOL...what a smart girl. So funny.