Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Breath of Freshy Fresh Air

This is where I grew up. Isn't it breathtaking? You know the picture does very little justice for the actual view, though. But, seriously. It would be wrong for me to have a photo like this and not turn it into art for my house.

Anyway, on to some photos from my little impromptu get-out-of-town.

Here's the crew. Sassy, George, Ethan, Link and Caleb. Ethan and Sassy were born only 4 days apart from each other. My sis had just gotten home from the hospital with Ethan when I called her to tell her my water had broken. I just think that's cool. Anyway, here we are with the kids in the car, going to drive around and view the scenery.

And, here's the scenery. This is the lake view above Meadowlark Lake. It's a cliff. I was having a heart attack the whole time we were there. I remember being so annoyed that my mom would feel that way, but wow. It freaked me out.

Gotta get a picture of me with the kids. It was pretty chilly up there.

Kids hanging around at the cabin. This is George and Ethan.

Had to get a photo of this face.

Popcorn and a movie. Finally sitting still for a few minutes at least. George, Sassy, Link, Caleb and Ethan.

Photos with Papa Bob and Grandma Jean.

Awwww......that picture's a keeper.

Had to stop and get a picture by the creek.

We'll be back up here in a few weeks, and I'll give you some more pictures then.


Landee said...

You're right... much different than Cheyenne to Evanston!

Glad you're having fun!

danandcami said...

Beautiful pictures!! Enjoy your time away!