Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Three days.

Three. Looooooong. Days.

I started at one end of the kitchen and moved to the other, systematically. Want a run down? I removed 4 shelves. They will be transported to the basement until further notice. For now, they're position has expired. I re-organized 8 drawers and 11 cabinets. I hauled out several large trash bags. I have extra space!

E x t r a. Empty. Available!!! Hmmmmmmmm.

This is how I felt in the middle of Day Two.

The mixer has been moved to inside a cabinet and no longer sits on my counter taking up space and collecting kitchen matter.*
(Kitchen Matter: That sticky weird film that collects on things in a kitchen....gross)
I took each and every spice out of the rack and wiped each and every spice bottle down. The latest expiration date I could find was from 2000. I moved a lot of shelves around. It was a pain and it's still a pain. I'm sore in some strange places. I threw out things I've been saving for that one day that I might use it? You know those things? The heart shaped pancake mold, ummmm - no. Haven't used it in over 6 years. I bought organizing baskets for my drawers, put all of my cookie cutters in a bin. There were moments of sheer exhileration as I saw things fall into organizational heaven - ways that I simply couldn't see before. Why didn't I realize how much unused and miss-used space there was? I now have two drawers and three cabinets entirely empty. Entirely empty!! Of course, my whole system has changed. My cereal is down a level, the towels are in a totally different place. That's just to name a few things. I whacked my right elbow on the bar stools several times. It is still sore. I swore a few times (ok, not really, but I would have) while I was trying to get a shelf out or back in, while I was drilling new holes, or wishing my kids could find someway to entertain themselves. Stopping to eat or use the potty was annoying. We ran out and got a lot of take out cause there just wasn't any room among the mess to fix any food.

The cabinet above where the computer now happily sits. All the art supplies are there. Bandaids galore.
That top right is still yet undesignated. I think I'll use those little drawers to hide extra gum and things.

One shelf has been removed. The support for that second shelf was reinstated and instead of driving myself mad to dig the broken peg out of the little hole, I just shifted the shelf down a notch. All of those things on the top (baking supplies) were previously taking up a shelf in my pantry. I have a literal plethora of sprinkles and colored sugar. Three separate containers of red hots, which I use at Christmas time. Can you say, 'consolidate?' I threw out a lot of old spices. My goal is to gradually replace them all with the same brand and bottle. Consistency. The image of it in my head is accompanied by the singing of a single note - high and steady. And, I might add, quite in tune.

This is yet another glorious sight for me. Rice cooker, mixer, popcorn popper, cookie sheets, roaster and stock pot. Even that plate thing for special occasions that's been sitting on top of my fridge. That drawer to the left of this pantry? Empty. Taa Daaaaa!!

The non-helper. Wanted a picture with the finished product. Okay - she wasn't completely useless. She had a good time pulling things out and putting it on the table for me. I think she's been dying to do that since she could walk. She had a lot of fun playing with mixing bowls, spice bottles and kitchen utensils.

::::::Lights flashing, bells dinging...::::::

You didn't get to see the 'before' for these.

Just one of the cabinets. Mixing bowls, colanders and strainers, liquid measuring cups, and...ahem...my rolling pin. (applause)

The silverware drawer. These white thingys were already here. I hate them, btw. I'd like to replace them with something else. All in due time.

There used to be so much junk in here. All of the food processor things and cake decorater things have been relocated to their own bin elsewhere.

This is one of my favorite drawers. I think maybe I have a thing for whisks (is 11 too many?). I'm very emotionally attached to my measuring cups and spoons. They get center, and they will no longer be scattered willy-nilly around the drawer.

And finally ....

The Junk Drawer

This project, a truly amazing feat. It warms my soul, from the inside out.

Next? Closets. My bedroom. Stay tuned!


Memzy said...

Gorgemous!! Sooo much work. You should be proud.

danandcami said...

I am SOOOOO proud of you!! That is a huge feat and looks beautiful. Amazing how decluttering and organizing feels like a weight is lifted off your shoulders and you actually like to go in and look at everything again???

Kat said...

Congrats! Looks great!

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

Looks Amazing Ann! Way to stick it out!
Here's my small piece of advise tho:
Put these pictures on the inside of those cupboards so everyone can remember what it's suppose to look like. I did this once upon a time and didn't last very long. ::sigh::

The McLaughlin's said...

Wow! I am impressed! Great job! Can't wait to see more...and the new dishes *wink*!

Landee said...

Do you have enough room in the cupboards now to store the puppy in there so you can go out for more than 20 minutes? That'd be aws.

Nice work, lady! That daisy pic kills me. Toooo funny.