Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dragonflies are awesome. Did you know they begin their life under-water? They can live underwater anywhere from 1-3 years before they ever emerge and begin to fly? I just think that's very, very cool. Plus they're fun to watch. Plus they eat bugs like mosquitoes.

Do you remember that part on You've Got Mail when she says in one of her emails to Joe that she saw a butterfly on the subway? She watched it get on and then get off and suspected it was going to Bloomingdales to buy a hat - 'which will end up to be a mistake, as all hats are.' Love that movie.

Today I saw a dragonfly as I was sitting in my car at an intersection. The cars began to drive through and in the right-hand lane, directly in front of me, he flew right across the street as if he were following traffic. All the way across in a straight line. It made me smile.


Jenny ESP said...

One time, I was running in the gutter and I came upon this family of cockroaches, and as my feet approached, they turned and scurried along beside me for a ways. Adorable!

Markie23 said...

Speaking of creatures crossing the road... on the way to Arizona there are Deer Xing signs that have those red flags sticking out the sides. Some day I would love to see a deer crossing the road holding one of those flags.

Flem said...

I do love that line "as all hats are."

I forgot how cute that movie is.


Hot Pants said...

One time I was using a pay phone at a gas station in the middle of the desert and a coyote came up to me. It was walking around me in circles checking me out. Pretty sure it found me adorable.