Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Cake Adventure

This Saturday I will be delivering the first cake I've evereverever been paid to make. Needless to say I'm super nervous and super excited and absolutely desperate that it all happen without incident. I want to show you pics of what I've been asked to make, but I'm going to wait until I can post a pic of the original followed by a pic of my attempt. It involves a combination of cupcakes, a small cake, fondant, frosting, tricky color copying and zoo animals. Namely two hippos, a giraffe, a zebra, a monkey and an elephant. When I agreed to do it I was really nervous that I was so absolutely in over my head. I promised that I wouldn't give her a ridiculous attempt; that it would be as close to perfect as I can get it. This is where I have to give credit to Cake Wrecks. If you haven't checked this website out - do! Not only is she very very funny, the pictures of the professional cakes that bakeries send out are unbelievable. Based on the stuff that I see on her site, I'm almost convinced I could have a successful cake business. I don't want to get thrown into something overwhelming or too time consuming. But I hope that once a month or every couple of months I'll get an opportunity to make something for someone. There's a chance I will be making some roses and butterflies for a friend next month. Hooray!! And I'm responsible for the treats at our upcoming YW in Excellence in November.

A little sidenote? Today I started the baking. I added a box of instant pudding to the cake mix along with an extra egg. I also followed the high altitude instructions, adding two tablespoons of flour, and extra tablespoon of water and an extra tablespoon of oil. It took forever to bake, but came out gorgeous. And then I realized that I'd used the required 1 1/3 cups water but duplicated that measurement for the oil. There was only supposed to be 1/3 cup of oil. I put in 1 1/3 cups, plus one tablespoon!!! What in the world??

What happened? Oh my heavens! What a mistake - producing the most moist cake ever. Ever. I can't wait to frost and eat one of the extra cupcakes.


Markie23 said...

This post is leaving me very... hmmm, what's the word for that feeling of wanting something very badly, but being completely unable to obtain it?

Landee said...

Sexually frustrated, Markie. That's the word(s).

You're a saint for taking the project on. I'm sure it will all go off without a hitch! Post pics, k? I don't think people can really visualize the details here.

The McLaughlin's said...

One time I made my Mt. Dew cake and accidentally put too much mt. dew in took forever to bake but came out so deliciously moist!
I'm sure the cake is all going to turn out awesome and I can't wait to see pics!

Flem said...

Don't forget pics! I am excited-after seeing your SRBC cake you have peaked my interest.

Markie23 said...

Thanks Landee, you nailed it.

Jenny ESP said...

You are a pro in my book. Mt Dew cake?