Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have issues with water. First because if I'm not thinking about it I can go entire days without a single sip. I'm one of those people who walks around borderline dehydrated, self-imposed of course, most of the time. ::considering my headaches...hmmmmmmmm:: Diet Coke with lime is fantastic, but I do realize that it's not a sufficient source of hydration. Hard to believe for how often it makes me have to go. ::winky guy::

Aaaanyway - my purpose for a post on water is because me and honey were having a discussion about water and he was picking on me. I like to have a big drink after I brush my teeth at night before I go to bed. But I'm particular about which water I will do that with. For instance, there is a stark difference between kitchen water and bathroom water. Bathroom water tastes funny. So when we were headed to bed and I had forgotten to bring up a glass of water from downstairs, he was trying to convince me that the water in our bathroom is perfectly fine. No. No it's not.

Where did this all start, I wonder. I used to hate drinking water from the bathroom in the teeny little paper cups when I was a kid. It tasted different and I knew it wasn't my imagination. So bathroom water became designated for teeth brushing and washing only.

There was a time when I was about 19, living in some cruddy apartment in capitol hill Denver...a time that helped me develop my massive allergy to cockroaches (mull that over for a few minutes and get back to me). The water would come out of the tap cloudy. I would try to tell myself - it's just bubbles. Lots and lots of teeny tiny bubbles. But when the water was still cloudy after sitting in the glass for some time, I'd be left to face the truth. Not bubbles. Gross. That's what it was. Gross. And so I promptly began drinking bottled water. I'd buy it in this 5 gallon jug thingy with a built in pour spout and just stick it in the fridge. Then, when I wanted a drink - I would get it from there. Not the stinky, cloudy, gross tap. Ew. Oh and a side note to bottled water; it all tastes different from each other too. Unsurprisingly, there are some I will drink and some I won't. This makes trips to my in-laws a little more difficult because I cannot drink their tap water or the bottled water they buy. So, Honey is very accommodating and will taking me to the Wawa to get the stuff I like. Isn't he sweet?

And so my water discrimination lives on. I am pleased to say that there is a built-in filter to the water spout in the fridge. And it comes out really cold. If I were dying, or whatever, I could - with a lot of psychological effort - drink out of the kitchen tap. I have neighbors who do it all the time. They're not dead. I think they might even like it. But from the bathroom? I couldn't. Ok I could if the world were coming to an end and I looked like one of those dehydrated doods on I Shouldn't Be Alive. I could drink bathroom water then. But here in my extraordinarily blessed life, I am just picky enough that when I want a drink of water it needs to come from the right place.


The McLaughlin's said...

I'm with your hubby when I say there's no difference between bathroom or kitchen sink water. I drink the bathroom sink water every night and in the morning to take my vitamins. Now, I will agree that there is a certain grossness when it comes out of little paper cups. I hate those things.
I bet if you drank more water you would notice a big difference in how you feel. I'm just sayin'...

Memzy said...

Nope, I'm pretty sure Diet Coke is the drink of champions. Drink away!!

Jenny ESP said...

I haven't had tap water in 10 years. I was at a church thing recently where they served... hose water. wth/gag.

Jenny said...

I'm with you--I can't stand drinking water from the bathroom sink. Yuck.

And, you're right, bottled waters are not all created equal. In fact, when I was a kid growing up in the Houston Area, they tried selling "Rockets Water" to hype the basketball team. It was just gross bottled Houston tap water.

Markie23 said...

I also have to mentally remind/force myself to drink water, or anything else (even though I do love DC w/Lime). Also, we go to Arizona quite often and I have to take a case of Utah bottled water with me because even the bottled water that you buy in Arizona is nasty tasting.