Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Checking Out

Sometimes I go to the store for something specific and I can't find it. Or, lots of times. So then, I either skip it and decide I'll look somewhere else, or if I'm too tired to do driving around or if I'm pressed for time and I can't go anywhere else, I'll substitute it with something else. This happened today. I was at Costco. One of the most important things on my list was strawberries. I need red strawberries for Sassy's bday party. We are having lots of red food in honor of her favorite (and most appropriately so) characters. Olivia the Pig. my luck would have it, there weren't any strawberries. So, I settled for raspberries. Oh well. If I have a chance to run to a different store, I'll check for them again. If not, I've got the raspberries.

This description is getting far longer than I wanted it to be.

My point is that whenever I find myself in this situation and I go to the checkout, the cashier inevitably asks, "Did you find everything you were looking for today?" How do you handle this question? Today I smiled and said, "Yes I did. Thank you." (liar) Why do I do that? What happens when you admit that you didn't find everything you were looking for? What if I were to say, "Well, I really wanted some strawberries." What are they gonna say? That they don't have any? Duh. I already know that. Other items, non-perishable items, are often answered with, "We could call another store." Or, "Would you like us to ....(fill in the blank - order it for you, put your name on a list and call you when it comes in, etc.) I dislike every one of those answers. I just don't like holding up the line. I don't like being stuck in the checkout any longer than absolutely necessary.

And so, I lie. With a smile. "Yes I did. Thank you." But think to myself at the exact same time...'Nope. You were out of strawberries.' ::grumble::


Flem said...

I always say "You didn't have any fresh strawberries so that was a bummer, but other than that, I love your store."

I love to say that kind of stuff at TJs whose clerks inevitably say "we used to carry it!!" At Albertson's the check out clerk would offer to find one for me or have one of the peon baggers do it and I would say "no I looked, you are out."

If a non-perishable and they offer, I just say "no, I am only into instant gratification so maybe next time you will have what I want" and then smile and say thanks.

I want them to know because I imagine them in a staff meeting saying "hey some lady wanted strawberries, why are we out of those?" and it changes policy and the next girl gets strawberries in shipment numero dos.

So I never lie.

Flem said...

*about that

Landee said...

I always lie and say I found everything too. I also lie during that one happy birthday primary song...

"If I had one wish then it would be, a happy, happy birthday to you from me!"

^^LIES!! If I had one wish, I would not wish that.