Wednesday, October 27, 2010


  • Rule Number 1: Do not buy Halloween candy that you want to eat.
  • Rule Number 2: After Halloween candy has been purchased, DO NOT OPEN. Especially if you broke Rule Number 1.
  • Rule Number 3: Enlist someone to hide the candy. This Rule is critical if you first, broke Rule Number 1 and then broke Rule Number 2.
I curse you mini Twix. CURSE you!!!!


Ginnie Coleman said...

You need a Halloween Candy Fairy...The kids get to eat all they want on Beggar's Night (In Iowa we don't trick or treat on Halloween). Then they put the remainder outside their door and the fairy magically comes in the middle of the night and exchanges the candy for a prize. The candy then goes directly into the garbage. The fairy visits more for me because I have no self control...and how can you when the small sizes just taste better!!

Hot Pants said...

Rule number one is strictly enforced here. So it's just those aluminum wrapped waxy chocolates and tootsie rolls getting passed out. We're getting egged for sure.

Ronna said...

HAHAHA! I totally broke all the rules too! I always buy candy that I want. Curse those mini snickers! LOL!