Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Public Rudity

When I have to go to the grocery store at night, I just want to quietly get the few things I need and get out. Self-checkouts are perfect for that. Tonight, I was surprised by the witchiness of the woman using the check-out next to me. She had to get some help from the lady and simultaneously asked her for a can of Skoal. Actually, the way she asked for it was complicated, like how people order their coffee. I guess chew isn't that simple anymore. Anyway, the checkout lady, just doing her job, asked her who she was buying it for. She said it was for her husband. Then very abruptly said, "Why?" The lady explained to her they just have to ask incase people are buying it for minors. The customer lady says, "I would never do that to my kids! I am just not the kind of person who would DO that!"

Here's what I would like to ask Miss Rude: Is this the first time you've ever bought chew for your totally hawt husband (with black things in his teeth, nasty breath and probably at high risk for throat cancer)? If it's not the first time, why are you being so nasty to the poor sales lady who's just doing what the law says she has to do? So annoying. Maybe she was grouchy because the fact that she's buying that nastiness for her hubby makes her really mad. Amen to that sister. Gross with a capital G. Gross.


The McLaughlin's said...

Love the word rudity.
And I couldn't agree more...
Gross with the captiol G!

Markie23 said...

So wow, just last night my wife and I went to the grocery store to get a gallon of milk, and we got in a line that looked really short. The guy in front of us didn't have a cart and it didn't look like he actually had anything to buy. But it turned out he wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes, and all he had to pay for it with was pennies, nickles and dimes which it took him like ten minutes to count out. Rudity. I hope his cancer doctor is not averse to small change.

Landee said...

"Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray." I bet kissing a chewer is even worse. Cuz there might be chunks and stuff.


I just grossed myself out.

So did the lady fold her arms and say "K, now I'm waiting for my apology?" Cuz that was awesome.