Thursday, March 12, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner

When the ideas are limited for mealtime, breakfast for dinner always seems to be a great idea! Honey makes the best homemade waffles and we just happened to have
our favorite sausage in the freezer.
I was short some eggs and butter, but made a quick trip to the store for those (grabbed some strawberries too).


Here's something I tried last night that turned out very yummy. After cutting up the strawberries, I tossed them with about a tablespoon of powered sugar. You know that it will dissolve and pull some moisture out of the strawberries, right? Then you end up with kind of a sauce. Not much, but enough. I also wanted to add some lemon juice to help soften the strawberries up and balance out the sweetness of the powdered sugar, but I was fresh out of lemons. So, I squeezed two Clementines instead, and poured that over the top. The only thing I was missing was a dollop of some freshly whipped cream.


Sox said...

My mom worked early in the morning so she would often make breakfast (eggs, sausage, hash browns, etc.) for dinner. She thought it was easier than making dinner for dinner.

Flem said...

Yum! My kids call it "brinner" or "linner" (lunch for dinner) when I make something like this. I rarely pull out the fresh strawberries though--you are way nicer than me.

Ps Loved the bunny post

Landee said...

B for D is the best!! Moms love it (easy). Kids love it (yummy) and Dads love it (what don't they love?).

Of course, it's not THAT easy if you're making your own strawberry syrup. But that is how you roll. It's pretty easy over here tho to put the Hungry Man syrup in the microwave for a minute.

The Coleman's said...

I have forgotten about this great would my kids think I am if I make breakfast for dinner? Especially when they could live on croissant french toast with coconut buttermilk syrup! Great reminder!