Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One of my Favorite YouTube Videos

Srsly? Why is it that I can watch this video over and over and it never gets old? I find myself watching his leg, imagining that his brain is divided in half. One controlling the leg, the other controlling the growling and defensiveness over the bone. So strange! The dog must realize it's his own foot. It's gotta hurt when he bites it. So then is he doing it for fun? Cause that's a whole nother thing. Although, my girls (that's what I call my dogs) play with their toys and it's gotta take some level of imagination for them to get so excited over a piece of stuffed fluff that looks like a giraffe. hmmmmmmmmmm. I really do have better things to do with my time, rather than philosophically analyzing this utoob video.


Memzy said...

I've seen this before and think it's heelarious.

Landee said...

That dog needs therapy! Is that Dog Whisperer lady still on? Also, that innocent little clip led me to about 45 minutes of watching other people's dog clips on YouTube. Funny dogs, psycho dogs, dogs doing tricks.... so thank you for that. I totally had 45 minutes to waste anyway.