Saturday, March 14, 2009

Grey's Anatomy

So, after a week break (which I HATE) there was a new episode of Grey's on last night. What pulled me into this show? Derek

and uh....what's-her-name.....oh! Meredith. Right. Yeah. Their relationship.
Lot's of excitement in the first seasons, dying for them to get together, despite the 'taboo' of her being an intern and he being a resident (there isn't ANYTHING taboo on this show anymore, btw). Then his mysterious (and annoying) x-wife showing up and trying to get him back. Which, sadly (ahem) also introduced his best friend Mark Sloan...
Thankfully, the x-wife parted and went to her own show. Good. But Mark Sloan remained. Also good.

On some other topics first...The Chief is freakin' out.

And he starts being really rude to Miranda. Miranda calls his WIFE...(gag) who stomps over to the hospital, drags them both into the conference room and chews him out (in front of Miranda) and then leaves. Ok. First of all, how unrealistic is that? That would NEVER happen. Secondly, it makes Miranda seem like a big baby. My favorite thing about her is the way she can put someone in their place like nobody's business. So, now all of a sudden she has to tattle on the chief to his wife? And then, the way the chief's wife talks to him drives me nuts. If any of you girls talk to your husband like he's a little boy who can't figure anything out on his own, I feel sorry for your husband. This does not mean our husbands never deserve it. Of course they do. (love ya honey) But, I hate it when they portray marriage relationships this way. It's lame. At least the chief and Miranda are friends again.

Cut to Izzie. She's been out of her mind this season. When her dead boyfriend Denny started showing up and they were doing a lot more than talking (uh...he's dead?!?!?!?! GROSS!!) I had to do some research. I found online weeks ago that she's going to turn up with a brain tumor, to explain why she's doing those things alone, I mean with Denny, I mean with an imaginary Denny, I mean....GROSS!!! So, now I've known all this time that she has a brain tumor, but nobody on the show knows that, until last night. Now Izzie knows and she's told Christina. Finally. Come on people. Move it on already.

Ok. With all of that out of the way, I can focus on the most important part of the show....

Derek and Mer have been going through the stinkin' TV love roller coaster that makes me insane. She isn't ready, he's ready to walk. She's ready, he's hit with an x-wife or some ugly nurse who's trying to step in or he's brooding about something just the way a man does. Come ON!!! Some of my favorite moments are when they are 'broken up' and they run into each other in the elevator. Patrick Dempsey can do this thing with his face, when he's Derek looking at Meredith, that makes my heart skip a beat. It's gut-wrenching! Oh...anyway....uh - where was I? Ok, so Derek had a patient die, the husband is sueing. Derek got in a big fist fight with Mark right after she died and they both just beat the crap out of each other. Now Derek won't come back to work. He's moved all of his stuff out of Meredith's house. Worst of all? When Meredith tried to talk to him, he kept telling her to go away. She was finally being a grown up and telling him that she wasn't going anywhere, even sai
d that she knows he's going to propose. So, drunk (which I also hate), he takes the ring out of his pocket, tosses it in the air and wacks it with a baseball bat off into this open field (which is also supposed to be the field where their going to build their future house).

(this is a pause, for effect)

I'm SO disgusted. Seriously and completely disgusted. If we don't get to see him hung over, in tears, crawling around in the grass searching for that ring, I'm going to puke. Yes. I just typed the word puke. Can't you see it? Dawn, cold outside, ground really wet, Derek looking like *&%^@ on his hands and knees. Tears. Remorse. That would be cathartic. So would him running to her, begging for forgiveness, proposing in that overly romantic and amazing way that you only see in movies or on TV, kissing, HOORAY!!!

Predictions? She's not going to hand it to him the way he deserves it (although, I wouldn't either). He's going to be stuck in his own pride to either apologize or do anything at all about it. We'll be six seasons into the future, STILL wondering if Derek and Meredith are ever going to be happy.

Why do I watch this show? Why do I care if a bunch of pretend doctors in a pretend hospital are having pretend *#%$@ with each other like their all moral-less hormone-crazed teenagers? Why? I managed to pull myself away from all daytime soaps. I don't even know what channel they are on or anything anymore. I used to be a DIE HARD Days of Our Lives fan. But when I realized, after George was born, that I was sitting around ALL morning watching these stupid soaps, crying even, I had to call it quits. No more As the World Turns. No more Days. No more The Bold and The Beautiful. No more. Oh, but the same show at night is somehow exempt? Somehow because it's at night it isn't a soap opera?

Well, duh. Of course it's not a soap.

It took some very pointed, intimate Mormon bashing on House to get me to can that show. I knocked it off my DVR so fast, my husband is still shaking his head wondering what happened. The complete lack of morals on Grey's should be enough. The sudden introduction to 'alternative' relationships should be enough. The fact that I'm STILL (after how many seasons?) waiting for Derek and Mer to get it figured out, should be enough. Maybe it's time to turn over a new leaf.

I'll let you know what happens next week!!!


Memzy said...

I just imprinted on you. I watched it last night and I was DYING to talk to someone about it. It's like a bad car know you shouldn't be watching but it's impossible to look away.

Landee said...

It sounds like I gave up Grey's just in the nick of time. I watched the first episode this season and then, I believe it was divine intervention, I haven't watched it since. Not a conscious decision... it just happened.

Anyway, I must admit I bawled like a baby for about 15 minutes when Denny died. I hearted him even tho HIS heart was a piece o' crap which ended up breaking MY heart in the end.

Thanks for catching me up though.... this is good info if I ever stumble across it and decided to fall off the wagon again.

Martha said... know I don't have cable and therefore, don't watch GA. I don't really feel like I've missed much after reading your synopsis. Shows like that make me crazy!!! I do want to make a comment about Denny...ever since he was in PS I Love You, I've had a crush on him. And also Gerard Butler :P I