Friday, June 19, 2009

Doin' it Easy

Link spotted this at Costco. Remember Bisquick? My mother loved this stuff. She used it all the time. Now I have a really fantastic pancake recipe, thanks to Sara. Buttermilk Pancakes, to be precise. They are thick and turn into the most wonderful things I've ever seen when they cook. Just love them.

Anyway, Link saw the Bisquick and begged me. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try a short cut once in a while. Maybe they'd eat a little less cold cereal.

They are easy. They are fast. My kids wolfed them down (Sassy excepted, cause she won't eat much that she didn't decide she wanted in the first place).

I'm giving a lot of the credit to Landee, who gave me permission to use prefabricated refridgerated cookie dough (even though I think it's a bit yucky...but that makes me eat it less). Here I am using a pancake mix, of all things. What in the world is going on here?

(I should add....that cheeseburger pie thing my mom used to make for dinner...I've been craving it for weeks. Guess what recipe is on the back of the box of Bisquick? Taaa Daaaaaaaaa!)


Landee said...

Love your post on Sassy. That described her perfectly! She will get what she wants out of life, believe you me!

As for the Bisquick, are you giving me credit or blame for making your life easier? The cookie dough we eat mostly raw, btw. And it's DELISH.

I now crave pancakes. Thanks a lot.

StandsMom said...

I am most certainly giving you credit because you've liberated me! I finally don't feel like an absolute cop-out if I do it the easy way. I've proven to myself that I can do it the hard way, and do it well (as I pat myself on the back). For instance, I will master homemade cinnamon rolls before I can feel completely comfortable with the store-bought frozen kind. Otherwise, there's this twinge that I'm denying myself something. I know. It's weird. I have to say that I felt such joy watching you make oreo balls and feel proud of yourself for making something so 'fancy.' You just GO Chef Landee!!!