Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is it a Waste of Time?


This is a direct quote from a good friend. What is she trying to say? Do I need an intervention? Would I rather sit on the couch and sew ALL day, than do pretty much anything else? Ummmm - yes. YES! Ok? I admit it! I would LOVE to sit ALL freeeeeking day and just sew sew sew sew sew until my fingers bleed. Give me a chic flick, a big ol' bottomless Sonic drink and my sewing and I'll be in h-e-a-v-e-n :::singsongy:::. Let me just show you my my big waste of time that's killing my blogger friends, my participation in book club and my time management at home.

Exhibit A
The Christ Cross Stitch

Started about 10 years ago
Completed Size approx. 11" x 9"
Total squares stitched when complete = 64,240
47 Colors
17 of those as solid colors and 12 different blended-color combinations
done as complete cross-stitches.
19 of those as solid colors and 9 different blended-color combinations
done as half cross-stitches.
This is like the bigdaddy of all cross-stitches (at least for me)
and I will very proudly display it on the wall in my house when it's finished.

Exhibit B

The Spring Queen

Started about 4 years ago
Completed size approx. 11" x 17"
Total squares stitched when complete = 50,040

40 Colors, all in cross-stitch
3 different blended color combinations
6 different colors of beads
While there are fewer colors and a ton less blending,
this pattern is stitched on linen and has lots of beading.
My wish is to complete the four queens;
Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

I don't know. I love to do it. I just LOVE to do it. I also LOVE reading a good book, and I LOVE hanging out with my friends. I haven't found the happy balance yet. And isn't that just the constant battle that we're all fighting in one way or another? Food and exercise, sleep and awake, blog or podcast?

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Memzy said...

That is a LOT of work! Was it Landee that said that?