Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dont' Go Out on a Sunday.....duh?

I've been wanting a new puppy. Long story short, decision made - breed decided - research done - shopping commenced - blah, blah, blah.... Got word on Sunday that the price of some local Italian Greyhound puppies had dropped and I texted Honey about it. Somewhere along the way, we decided that I would go 'look' at them. I got Link in the car and we took off. I was, naturally, excited! Less than 5 miles from the house, I got pulled over. First, I couldn't find my purse. Oh yes...left it at home. Wha? I had my phone. I had my soda. No purse. No ID. "Oh, come on!" I was thinking. Second thing I couldn't find was the registration. There was a current ins card. The cop took that from me along with my name, birthdate, etc. He then informed me that I was going 70 mph in a 55 mph construction zone, which would typically be between $300 and $400. You have got to be kidding me! While he was in his car making calls and looking me up, I discovered the registration and started texting with Honey. I hate that. You know? Why is it so embarrassing to have to tell my husband that I've not only been pulled over for speeding, but that I don't have my driver's license either.

Side Note

This happened a few months ago, when I was pulled over for driving with headphones on. I had my ID this time, but there was no current ins card in the car, and I was surprised to find out from the cop that my tags were expired. He got me for the expired tags and the headphones. Because of this experience (and because Honey's been pulled over and given stinkin' warnings - we put a marine sticker on the back of the van, thinking it would be as beneficial as it has been for him...).

So, the 'kind' police officer came back and informed me that he was going to do me a favor. He didn't double the fine, like he should in a construction zone. The ticket was only a 4 point for $162. Oh, how kind! Wasn't he generous? Never mind that he was sitting on the side of the highway with another police car and they both pulled over people at the same time. Can you say speed trap? Never mind that I drive that section of the highway all the time and I was not only taken completely surprise by the orange cones, but never saw a thing about any reduced speed. Geez. I had to turn around and come right back home to get my purse. I couldn't very well drive 45 minutes north to look at a puppy without my driver's license, especially now that I'd gotten a ticket already. On my way back to the house, someone started pulling out into the road in front of me. They weren't paying attention at all and I had to tap my breaks pretty hard. Luckily, they came to their senses and stopped. What is the deal? The voice in my head says "it's Sunday...dummy."

I stopped, got my purse, gave the ticket to Honey. He was very kind. He didn't give me crap and he didn't laugh too much. Back on the road.

We found the place okay - checked out the puppy. I decided she was perfect. We got her. The dark clouds were rolling in, just as we were getting ready to leave. Minutes after, it started pouring. Then it started hailing. One large hail here and there. Not a deluge. But when they hit the car, it sounded like someone had pelted us with a rock or a paintball gun. It hit so hard. Before long, it was a lot more and I could hardly see out the window. The road was flooded, we were going about 20 mph, I couldn't see where we were. Ridiculous. We finally made it out of the storm and made our way toward home. The rest of the day was okay. Honey finally warmed up to the puppy. I have to give it to him. He handled it all so well. He 'responded' so well to the whole thing.

(this is in reference to the fabulous Marriage and Family Relations class that I'm taking at church. We've been discussing responding to conflict rather than reacting to it.)

I think he realized that I was going to get this puppy one way or another, and when it comes to compromising in marriage with your spouse, differing opinions and all that...he was golden as can be. Absolutely Golden.

As to the topic of going out on a Sunday?

  • Speeding ticket: $162.
  • Puppy plus puppy supplies: $270.
  • Hail damage: $100 deductible plus time for adjuster to 'look' and scheduled time for repair.
  • Lesson relearned that keeping the Sabbath Day is a commandment? Simply Priceless.
The last time this happened, (about 8 years ago) I was at the mall on a Sunday and happened upon a fabulous shoe sale at Nordstrom. Awesome pair of size 10 Doc Martin boots for $100!!! However, when I got home, I realized the box held a pair of these size 5 little strappy something-er-others that belonged to someone else. I called the store. She had taken my boots home. We had to figure out how to hook up with each other, met at the mall later in the week and traded our shoes. Stupid.

On a happier note, we have decided to name our little puppy Nellie. She is adorable! I will be posting pictures. I promise. Hang in there. Our two old lady dogs are taking to her like she's the new baby in the house. They love playing with her. They're protective. They're gentle. It's so fun to watch. Nellie is very attached to me and to Will. She needs more time and opportunity to get attached to George, Sassy and Honey. George isn't as enthralled as Link is. He finds other things to do and keeps himself busy elsewhere most of the day. Sassy spends all her time trying to find out ways to socialize with the neighbors and Honey is at work. It'll come.

Anyway. Now, we have a baby who needs to go outside every two hours for the opportunity to pee and poo. She's playful and seems to be pretty well behaved for a puppy. I don't know if we just got lucky, or if she just hasn't kicked in yet. Last night she went out at midnight and was still sound asleep at 6 am. It does sound too good to be true, doesn't it? No matter. It's totally fun. The kids are loving her. She's really fun to have around.

Just for the record, if you think I'm going out on Sunday again anytime soon? You've got another thing coming!! :D


Landee said...

Should I be getting this? If so, it's way over my head. But srsly...duh?

Kat said...

3 kids AND 3 dogs...you're brave

The McLaughlin's said...

Your little dog is sure cute, but I did some research and they sound high maintenance! Good luck!!