Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poor Trees Got Shredded

So, we headed off to Hobby Lobby and Walmart today. I wasn't paying attention and missed the turn for Hobby Lobby, so I figured we would just hit Walmart first. While walking in, we were commenting on the looming, really dark clouds - that also had large areas of green in them. Hmmmm. We started getting the things on our list and a lady poked her head from between a couple of aisles to announce to everyone within earshot that we were now under a tornado warning. Within a minute or two, I could hear the rain on the roof. We wandered toward the doors to see if it was hailing. Nope. Just rain. A few minutes later, it started getting louder, so we headed back toward the doors. The sound kept getting louder and louder. It was crazy! We couldn't talk to eachother without yelling. We stood near the doors for a few minutes. It was totally dark outside and hailing like crazy. That was when the Walmart people started herding everyone to the back of the store and grouped us all together by the shoes. I guess getting hit in the head with flying shoes is better than housewares or cd cases, right? Anyway, we all stood back there for just over 30 minutes before they let us go free into the store again. It felt like a lot longer than that. Everyone was talking on their phones. Babies were crying. The guy near us was asking around for a cell he could borrow, and then I heard him begging his wife (over the phone) to go to their basement. Link was freaking out a little. Every once in a while his chin would start to quiver and tears would well up in his eyes. I have to admit, as the decible level kept going up and up, I was getting anxious. I was trying to imagine what it would be like to be stuck in Walmart with a tornado raging outside. Looking around me for some safe place to huddle the kids together. Could I cover all three of them up with my body at the same time? Ok, yes. I probably could. :::::ahem:::::

Anyway - exciting afternoon at Walmart. By the time we got out of there, I had snatched up a bag of Dove dark chocolate covered almonds. It was still pouring outside. We took a spin through Sonic on the way home so I could pacify myself with a Rt. 44 Coke and ended up skipping the trip to Hobby Lobby all together. Dang it. I need some dark olive green thread for my cross stitch. That's an entirely separate blog, y'all.

So, we're supposed to have rain every day for the next 8-9 days. I'm so happy. I love it when it rains. I love thunder and lightening. I love how green everything gets. Some of my plants outside look happier this spring than I've seen in a very long time. Aaaaaand, I get out of going to the pool. Phew!

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Memzy said...

I like rain. But not for that many days. Gets me all depressed and stuff. That hail was HUGE!!