Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just Some Stuff Cause I Feel Like Talking

Oh, I know!! Just look at those little liquid-brown eyes and teeny baby teefers! She is adorable. Nellie has thrown everything off kilter. I got her to satisfy some 'something' that I had going on. You husband wants a Harley. I want a puppy. Anyway, Honey was not very happy when I pulled up with her in the car. He stayed back, kept his sunglasses on, held her for about 8 seconds and gave her back. He didn't say much to me that afternoon.

He tried to tell me that getting a puppy would be upsetting to the status quo around here. Mess up our trip to the cabin, add some chaos and take away some sleep. He was right. We've had to reschedule the cabin trip for August. We have dog toys all over the house all the time now. We have three children and three dogs. I must be out of my mind. I get comments from people -- not naming any names btw -- and I've been taking them a little too personally and finding myself feeling a little embarrassed because I crossed that line. Most families have one dog. Right? Some have two. We had two little dogs. Totally normal. But three little dogs? What the heck is going on there? (P.S. I think it we wrapped them all up together, it would be equal to one big dog...they just all run in different directions...) Maybe if we had no kids or only one kid. But I started judging myself. Then, I was tired. Tired of poo and pee on the carpet and non-stop monitoring the puppy so that I could avoid the poo and pee on the carpet. Link was the miracle puppy-sitter when we brought her home. Now all of a sudden, he's too afraid to pick her up and too lazy to stick it out when she's wandering in the grass and taking her sweet time. Our two old lady dogs are worn out. So much more running and playing than they've been used to in years. I haven't been able to touch my reading or my cross-stitching since I brought her home. I'm dying! And to top it all off, she has giardia, which translates to puppy diarhea. So, she's on meds for that, an antibiotic and an anti-diarheal med. Boy oh boy. She doesn't like Honey. Actually, she doesn't like much of anyone outside of me and Link. She'll nap on George's lap. But Honey scares her. We suspect she doesn't like men in general. I feel bad. I remember Honey playing with our old girls when they were puppies and it was totally fun! I've suggested bacon in the pocket, but he hasn't tried it yet.

So yesterday I texted him and told him that I was having second thoughts. I gave him complete credit and swallowed my pride and told him that he was right all along. Did I mention to you all how golden he is?

Get this...he called me on the phone and talked me down off the 'let's-sell-the-puppy' ledge. He was kind. He never took credit for being right. NEVER said "I told you so." And, for not even wanting the puppy in the first place, he chose to completely support my choice to get her and make me feel better about all the poo and the lost sleep. Can you believe it? How many times can you fall in love with the same person? Honey - seriously. You're the best.

Here she is sleeping on Link.

Here we are taking a nap together. I can hardly stand how cute this picture is...

Sammy has taken a very loving roll in the whole thing. She lets Nellie sleep by her, wrestles really gently with her, puts up with her puppy stuff and all that. It's impressive. I never would have guessed that Sammy could be so sweet to a new dog.

Landee, I still owe you a picture of Nellie in the totally cute puppy warming sweater you gave her. I want to get it 'in action' tho and she's been sleeping all day today. Had a vet appt and a booster shot. I think it wore her out and made her not feel so good.

Here's some more "Stuff"'s just "stuff"

So today, I found out that I have a stress fracture in my foot. In the third metatarsal of my left foot. Isn't that awesome? I thought that's what it was, and luckily my doctor took me seriously. Unluckily, I get to wear a boot cast, which I will get on Friday. yay for me...(NOT!)

We're having fish for dinner. Landee enlightened me to the beautifully frozen, individually packaged Mahi at Costco and it's fabulously yummy and fabulously easy to grill. Link is mad and wants a corndog instead. No way, bud.

I've begun the reversal process off the crap Cymbalta and back to my original meds. I already feel a ton better. Brighter. I was so tired and smudged out. I have more energy. It's really nice. If the dead zone reverses...I probably won't tell you. You don't want to know that anyway. I'm laughing because my Dr. wants to do a sleep study on me. The more I think about it -- I have a three year old and a puppy. Of course I don't sleep well. Geez! I'm gonna hold off on that.

Got my house cleaned today. I love this day. I will totally love tomorrow too.

Sooooo, maybe I'll blog some more nonsense later. Thanks for reading the riff raff.

OH and Memzy Memzerton...I missed your BIRTHDAY! Sorry, girlie! Landee even texted me and told me on the day. I hope it was a fab one and I still can't wait to meet you.


Memzy said...

A birthday shout out from StandsMom?!?! I'm fighting back the tears!!

Can't wait to meet you too IRL.

danandcami said...

Hey Ann!! What a cute dog and an even nicer husband. My husband would for sure not be that kind if I brought home a dog!!

Kat said...

Looks like I was the one to comment on the 3 kids and 3 dogs...sorry. Whatever makes you happy! She is a cute puppy.