Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Silly Putty Fun

This morning, I asked my boys to clean up their room. When I went to check, there was still a wad of blankets on the floor. I asked them to move the blankets. George moved them, and I saw a smear of orange something on the carpet. "What is this?" I touched it with my toes...oh no...please tell me it isn't? "That's his!!!" Link is always anxious to share information that leads blame in someone else's direction. "It's all over his blanket too!!" George just keeps saying, "I'm sorry Mom, I fell asleep with it." "I'm sorry, Mom."

I'm here to share with you a method for removing that blasted silly putty. I'm amazed. Disappointed that I don't have photos to share. Sorry about that. I wasn't in the mindset of taking pictures.

After a little research on Google, this is what I did. I laid out the comforter and sprayed all of the silly putty spots with WD-40. Yes folks -- WD-40. Within seconds, it became really soft and all of the wrinkles that were stuck together pulled gently apart. With a dull butter knife, I scraped all of the silly putty off. It took a little work, but it wasn't as difficult as I expected. When all of the big chunks were removed, I dosed a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and rubbed the area. It simply dissolved the remaining putty and transferred all of the orange color from the fabric onto the cotton ball. I'm not kidding! The comforter is now in the washing machine. I will let you know how it looks when it's finished.

I then went upstairs, dosed another cotton ball with alcohol and rubbed it over the silly putty on the carpet. Just like before, it simply dissolved the putty and it soaked into the cotton ball. You can hardly tell there was anything there to begin with!

Fancy trick, you gize! I have been very bluntly reminded why I never before bought silly putty and why I shall never buy silly putty again. If you have conveniently forgotten too, I hope I just reminded you why you're holding out and telling those little scampers no. Don't give in. Don't do it. Be strong.


Kat said...

I'll remember that fancy trick. Having 3 boys I'm sure I'll need it!

Landee said...

Silly Putty (and MoonSand) are my bitter enemies! But that is an awesome method of removal. Yer so smart.

Memzy said...

I had this exact thing happen. Thank garshkies for google!!!